30 Things That Harry Potter Taught us

 Why I’ll Never Love a Book More Than Harry Potter. That was the title of a post I wrote a while back:

“I wear glasses and say words like “derogatory”. I watched Arrested Development. So, yeah, I’m pretty smart. I’m not an expert in literature, but I’ve read a few of the Slavics, some Dickens, all of Bukowski’s novels and most of Vonnegut’s. Of my countrymen, I’ve read almost everything by Saramago and Eça; I read one or two other authors, but I don’t bother with the rest. But when people ask me which is my favorite book, I’ll always proudly reply: Harry Potter. It doesn’t matter which big words I use or the way I arrange my glasses when I reply, they’ll always be, in this order, surprised and condescending. “Don’t give me that derogatory look just yet”, I tell them “let me explain”.

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Now this post is about the things that Harry Potter taught us. Some are rephrased and changed from similar posts on the internet, most are completely original, in the sense I hope they don’t infringe any copyright laws.


Fred and George Weasley Draco Malfoy Cho Chang Neville Longbottoms Dobby


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