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Foto Rosto Luís Azevedo 1 238x300 Azevedo   AboutLuis Azevedo

Owner and Writer at Azevedo’s Reviews

Luis Azevedo has written for Azevedo’s Reviews since the beginning of 2012, covering his interests in film, literature, writing, directing, and stand-up comedy.

His blogging work was recognized by the cultural section from Público and he won the Best Academic Documentary Award of Rios – Festival Internacional de Cinema Documental e Transmedia for 3 Homens, 1 Câmara, 1 rio & 1 PeixeHe worked as Second Assistant Producer in the Portuguese movie Pecado Fatal. He recently was published in Matador Network on How to piss off a Portuguese.

Luís frequently talks about himself in the third person, telling people around him that “Luís has a degree in Communication sciences and is thinking about enrolling in a Masters in Cinema,” that “Luís is proficient in Adobe Photoshop and Premiere” or that “Luís is hungry.”

He’s at the end of what he thinks is long journey. After being enrolled in several educational institutions for the past 16 years, he’s now at a crossroads. Both roads lead to unemployment. In the meanwhile, he maintains this blog in an attempt to mask his deepest thoughts with rants on cultural subjects.

If you want to contact him – compliments are encouraged, while negative feedback goes directly to the spam box – you can input your information bellow, speak your mind and hit send.


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  1. Hi! I noticed you liked one of my blog posts, which brought me to your blog. Looks very cool. Just wondering how you managed to find mine, though… The “like” is much appreciated, since I just tend to ramble for my own sake!

  2. Good for you for writing in a second language! My grandfather used to say, that with every new language you learn, you acquire a new personality.

    Oh – and – glad you liked my blog.

  3. Wow. I am following your blog just to see your amazing smooth translation of english! I dont know how people learn english who are not raised with it. It follows no rules, makes no sense, is pretty much the most confusing language there is to have to learn. And then you learn it just to have to learn an entire new language (the americans espeically and from region to region a whole different set) of slang. AND to be doing something that description is highly used, you REALLY got to learn at least a whole bunch of adjectives! Bravo. I think i got lucky being born here because language IS NOT my easy subject. Then again, if it were learned at early childhood development age, it could be learned… even for someone like me! Thanks. I am following!

    • If you live in constant contact with a language it becomes pretty easy to pick-up; to master it is another thing, but with enough time maybe even that can be attainable. :)

  4. Hey Luis, thanks so much for the Add, and I have returned the favor! Look forward to exploring more of this great-looking site. man, there’s a lot of stuff here….. !

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